In the second decade of the 20th century, there was a growing urge among the members of the Medical profession to free themselves from the stranglehold of alien domination under which the profession was groaning since the early days of the British rule in India, as a result of the hybrid system of the Medical Education, watertight compartmental division of medical services and the inherent difficulty of a subject to promote medical science conductive to national welfare.

This urge manifested itself in the first systematic attempt to organise an All Indian Medical Conference which was held at the initiative of the Bengal Medical Association in the year 1917 at Carmichael (Now E.G. Kar) Medical College, Calcutta. Lt. Col. Raghabendra Rao, D.Sc was the President of the Conference and Sir Nilratan Sircar was the Chairman of the Reception Committee. The second, third and fourth All Indian Medical Conferences were held at Delhi, Amristar and Nagpur respectively.